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According to Wikipedia, Luke McDonnell is an American artist whose early career was spent specialising in comic books. Career Comic books Luke McDonnell began his career as a comics artist in 1980 and illustrated a wide variety of comics including long runs on Iron Man, The Phantom and Suicide Squad. He made his Marvel Comics debut with the story "Eclipse of Reason" in Star Trek #12 . In 1983, McDonnell and writer Dennis O'Neil began a storyline in which the character James Rhodes replaced Tony Stark in the role of Iron Man. McDonnell moved to DC Comics in 1985 and became the regular artist on Justice League of America with issue #245 . He drew the title through its final storyline which was written by J. M. DeMatteis. McDonnell was one of the contributors to the DC Challenge limited series and then moved over to the Suicide Squad series written by John Ostrander. Suicide Squad #23 written by Ostrander and Kim Yale and drawn by McDonnell, featured Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl, making her debut as Oracle. The Ostrander, Yale, and McDonnell team produced a Deadshot limited series as well. In 1995, McDonnell drew the final two issues of an Argus limited series after which his comics work has appeared only occasionally.

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