M. Shahid Alam

Economist, academic, social scientist


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Muhammad Shahid Alam is a Pakistani economist, academic, and social scientist. He is a professor of economics at Northeastern University. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, London.

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What schools is this person affiliated with?
University of Karachi
University of Karachi

University in Pakistan

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University of Dhaka
University of Dhaka

Public university located in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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University of Western Ontario
University of Western Ontario

Public research university located in London, Ontario, Canada

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Northeastern University
Northeastern University

Private university in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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#3547 World Rank
#57528 World Rank
Political Science
#71591 World Rank
#100911 World Rank
#258507 World Rank
Earth Sciences
#357688 World Rank
#473660 World Rank
#1973652 World Rank

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