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According to Wikipedia, Marian Franciszek Jaworski was a Cardinal Priest and Archbishop of Lviv of the Latins in the Roman Catholic Church. He was a close friend of Pope John Paul II. Biography Early Years Born the son of Wincenty and Stanisława Łastowiecka in Lwów, Poland , his family was expelled from Ukraine in 1945 when the Soviets directed a "repatriation drive" for Poles living within the former borders of Poland in the entire Kresy region. Jaworski began his studies in Poland at the Lwów Major Seminary and was ordained in Kraków on 25 June 1950. He served as a priest for two years at a parish near the Ukrainian border before returning to the Jagiellonian University to complete a Doctorate in Philosophy. He had three doctorates by 1965 – one in theology from the Jagiellonian University, and Ph.D.s from the Lublin Catholic University and Warsaw Theological Academy.

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