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According to Wikipedia, Mark Matthew O'Mara is an American criminal defense lawyer in Orlando, Florida, known for being the attorney for George Zimmerman. He is a former prosecutor. O'Mara is a legal analyst for CNN. Early life and education Mark O'Mara is one of five siblings in a Roman Catholic family of Irish descent. He was raised in Rosedale, Queens, New York City. His father, John Joseph O'Mara, was a World War II veteran, shot down over Germany and spent the better part of a year in a POW camp, until liberated by the Soviets. His father came back to Brooklyn and married his fiancée, Anna "Nancy" McAteer. John Joseph O'Mara joined the New York Fire Department, where he rose to Battalion Chief. He was also President of the Fire Officers Union before he retired and moved to Orlando, Florida, bringing his wife and youngest son Mark, with him.

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