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Michel Callon

French sociologist


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Michel Callon is a member of the Centre de sociologie de l’innovation and a professor of sociology at the École des mines de Paris.

He is well known for his work in science, technology and sociology. He has been instrumental in the study of anthropology, the socio-economics of innovation, scientometrics and quantitative research methods and the sociology of medicine.

His most notable achievement is Actor-Network theory, a theoretical framework developed in collaboration with Bruno Latour and John Law. He was chairman of the Society for Social Studies of Science and is author of numerous scholarly works.

His work has redefined our understanding of performativity, technical democracy and the principle of generalized symmetry. In his work, he took a multidisciplinary approach, marrying together theories from economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology and other fields to better understand the interrelations between the ways that individuals interact with markets and economic forces.

He has written several books, including The Laws of the Markets, and Mapping the Dynamics of Science and Technology: Sociology of Science in the Real World. Callon was honored with the John Desmond Bernal Prize in 2002 for his substantial contributions to our understanding of democracy, society and economics.

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Michel Callon is a professor of sociology at the École des mines de Paris and member of the Centre de sociologie de l'innovation. He is an influential author in the field of Science and Technology Studies and one of the leading proponents of actor–network theory with Bruno Latour.

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