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Mpho Tshivhase

South African philosopher


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Mpho Tshivhase is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Preoria, South Africa. She studied psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Johannesburg, and later received her master’s and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Johannesburg. Her dissertation, “Towards a Normative Theory of Uniqueness of Persons” drew from her earlier work on personal identity. In 2018, Tshivhase became the first black female to receive a Ph.D. in Philosophy in South Africa, and was celebrated in media publications like the Independent Online, a popular online news site in South Africa. In 2020, Tshivhase was awarded with the CEO’s Award by the South African company Institute of People Management (IPM). IPM is the human resource management mother-body of South Africa and beginning in 2017, has granted the annual CEO Award to an individual who has made a significant contribution in a field, profession, or in society that makes a difference and shatters perceptions.

Tshivhase’s work focuses on the idea of personal uniqueness, in particular whether pursuing a unique identity in a person’s development is worth pursuing in and of itself, and perhaps at the expense of the pursuit of other qualities. In addition, she explores the general concept of uniqueness as applied to personal identity and how people relate to the concept – what it means for them.

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Mpho Tshivhase is a South African philosopher who teaches at the University of Pretoria. In April 2018, Tshivhase became the first black woman to receive a PhD in philosophy in all of South Africa. Tshivhase teaches applied ethics and her research is focused on uniqueness and individuality.

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