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Philippe Descola

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Philippe Descola is chair of anthropology at the Collège de France, most well-known for his research regarding the Achuar, an Amazonian community that was one of the last to be contacted by the outside world. He lived with and researched with the Achuar in Ecuador from 1976 to 1978.

He is a highly-sought lecturer, and has delivered many notable lectures including the Munro Lecture at Edinburgh, the Victor Goldschmidt Lecture at Heidelberg, the Clifford Geertz Memorial Lecture at Princeton, and the Radcliffe-Brown Lecture at the British Academy.

He has served as chair of the Société des Américanistes since 2002. He is an honorary fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and has received numerous prestigious honors. In 1997, he was named a Knight of the French Order of Academic Palms, in 2010 an Officer of the French Legion of Honor, and in 2016, he was named a Commander in the French Legion of Honor.

His work has also been recognized with several impressive prizes. In 2004, he was awarded the French National Order of Merit. In 2012, the French National Centre for Scientific Research awarded him their Gold Medal, and in 2014, he won the International Cosmos Prize.

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Philippe Descola, FBA is a French anthropologist noted for studies of the Achuar, one of several Jivaroan peoples, and for his contributions to anthropological theory.

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