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Saudi surgeon and dissident in exile

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According to Wikipedia, Saad Rashed Mohammad al-Faqih , also known as Saad Al-Fagih, is a Muslim Saudi national and former surgeon who heads the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia and lives in London. He was a key player in preparing the "Letter of Demands" of 1991 and the "Memorandum of Advice" the following year. Both documents were endorsed by a considerable number of prominent figures, including Sheikh Bin Baz, Al-Uthaymeen and Salman Al-Ouda, and were then presented to the king at the time, Fahd. In 1994, the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights was established and Al-Faqih was appointed as the head of its London office, with another Saudi dissident, Mohammad al-Massari as the spokesperson. The two separated, and al-Faqih went on to set up MIRA in 1996.

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