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Sophus Lie

Norwegian mathematician


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Marius Sophus Lie was a Norwegian mathematician. He largely created the theory of continuous symmetry and applied it to the study of geometry and differential equations.Biography His first mathematical work, Repräsentation der Imaginären der Plangeometrie, was published in 1869 by the Academy of Sciences in Christiania and also by Crelle's Journal. That same year he received a scholarship and traveled to Berlin, where he stayed from September to February 1870. There, he met Felix Klein and they became close friends. When he left Berlin, Lie traveled to Paris, where he was joined by Klein two months later. There, they met Camille Jordan and Gaston Darboux. But on 19 July 1870 the Franco-Prussian War began and Klein had to leave France very quickly. Lie left for Fontainebleau where after a while he was arrested under suspicion of being a German spy, an event that made him famous in Norway. He was released from prison after a month, thanks to the intervention of Darboux.

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University of Oslo

Norwegian public research university

Leipzig University

University in Leipzig, Germany

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