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According to Wikipedia, Tererai Trent is a Zimbabwean-American woman whose unlikely educational success has brought her international fame. Background and career Trent was born in the village of Zvipani in Karoi District, Mashonaland West Province. She was not allowed to go to her local school, Matau Primary School, as a child due to poverty as well as being female, although her brother Tinashe, an indifferent student, was given the opportunity to attend. She later recalled the men in the village including her father "pointing to the boys in the village and saying 'These are the breadwinners of tomorrow. We need to educate them. We need to send them to school. The girls will get married.'" She taught herself to read and write from her brother's books, and eventually started doing her brother's homework. When her teacher discovered this he begged Trent's father to allow her to attend school. She then attended school for a short period, but her father accepted a brideprice of a cow and married her off young. She had three children by age 18 and without a high school diploma. Her husband beat her for wanting an education. In 1991, Jo Luck from Heifer International visited her village and asked every woman about her greatest dream. Trent said she wanted to go to America and get a bachelor's degree, a master's, and eventually a PhD. Encouraged by her mother, Trent wrote down these dreams, put the paper in a scrap of tin, and buried it.

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