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American televangelist and faith healer

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According to Wikipedia, Walter Vinson Grant, Jr., who goes by W. V. Grant , is a televangelist whose ministry has been based in the Greater Dallas area. Career Grant began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the mid-1970s with the "Cathedral of Compassion" in the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati before relocating to the suburbs of St Bernard until the early 1980s. The son of minister Walter Vinson Grant, Sr., in 1983 Grant took over Soul's Harbor Church and expanded its ministry, later renaming the church as "Eagles Nest Cathedral". In 1987, Grant purchased in the southwest section of Dallas and built the "Eagle's Nest Family Church", and continued pastoring the 5000-seat church until 1996. Grant was convicted in 1996 of tax evasion, and since his release from prison he has restarted his ministry.

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