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College Strategist Tool

The College Strategist tool allows you to focus in on the best colleges for you to apply to. It is surprisingly accurate and will save you valuable time not applying to schools that would be a bad fit. It separates the schools into three categories:

a screenshot of the college strategist form
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Custom College Rankings Tool

The Custom College Rankings tool allows you to create your own U.S. school rankings based the criteria, ranking metrics, and filters of your choosing.

a screenshot of the ccr tool
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College Compare Tool

With the College Compare tool you can compare up to four schools using the information of your choosing (e.g., tuition, acceptance rate, rankings, etc.).

a screenshot of college compare tool
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Find Your Best School Tool

With the Find Your Best School tool you can create a list of schools based on what you desire most in a potential college or university.

a screenshot of find your best school tool
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With the Influential School Ranking tool you can compare the relative influence strength of different schools around the world. You can even evaluate over different time periods.

a screenshot of the AI school finder form
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With the Influential People Ranking tool you can see the most influential people in history or over different periods of time. Maybe you want to see the most influential people when Einstein or Julius Caesar were alive. Our tool can give you that information.

a screenshot of the AI influential people finder form
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School Finder Tool

With the School Finder tool you can quickly find the academicinfluence.com page for your desired schools. Use the filters to see similar schools.

a screenshot of the school finder tool