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About Delft University of Technology

According to Wikipedia, Delft University of Technology , also known as TU Delft, is the oldest and largest Dutch public technical university. Located in Delft, Netherlands, it is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the Netherlands, and as of 2020 it is ranked by QS World University Rankings among the top 15 engineering and technology universities in the world.

What Is Delft University of Technology Known For?

Delft University of Technology is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

Delft University of Technology's Top Areas of Influence With Degrees Offered

Who Are Delft University of Technology's Most Influential Alumni?

Delft University of Technology's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics. Here are some of Delft University of Technology's most famous alumni:

Jan van Bemmel
A Dutch university professor.
Cornelis Benjamin Biezeno
Cornelis Benjamin Biezeno
A Dutch engineer.
Teun Koolhaas
A Dutch architect .
Johannes Brinkman
A Dutch architect.
Jan van Ours
An Economist .
David DiVincenzo
An American theoretical physicist.
Anton Mussert
A Dutch fascist .
Wim Cohen
A Dutch mathematician.
Sytse Strijbos
A Dutch academic,.
Alex Verrijn Stuart
Alex Verrijn Stuart
A Dutch computer scientist.
Eric de Sturler
A Dutch-American applied mathematician .
Jan Arnoldus Schouten
A Dutch politician .