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About Earlham College

According to Wikipedia, Earlham College is a private liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana. The college was established in 1847 by the Religious Society of Friends and has a strong focus on Quaker values such as integrity, a commitment to peace and social justice, mutual respect, and community decision-making. It offers a Master of Arts in Teaching and has an affiliated graduate seminary, the Earlham School of Religion, which offers three master's degrees: Master of Divinity, Master of Ministry, and Master of Arts in Religion.

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Earlham College Admissions, Retention, and Graduation Information

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How Much Does Earlham College Cost To Attend?

Tuition (in-state)
Price by Family Income
IncomeAverage Net Cost
0 - 30K$15,262
30K - 48K$15,864
48K - 75K$18,105
75K - 110K$26,973

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

How Much Do Earlham College Graduates Make?

If you graduate from Earlham College, then you can expect to earn an average of $39,200 per year. You also have a 89% chance of being employed after 10 years.

Earlham College's Demographics

Demographic data is for full-time, on-campus students.

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Where is Earlham College?

Earlham College is located at 801 National Rd West, Richmond IN 47374-4095

What Is Earlham College Known For?

Earlham College is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

Earlham College's Top Areas of Influence With Degrees Offered

Who Are Earlham College's Most Influential Alumni?

Earlham College's most influential alumni include professors and professionals in the fields of Philosophy, Chemistry, and Communications. Here are some of Earlham College's most famous alumni:

Harold Urey
Harold Urey
An American physical chemist.
Peter Suber
Peter Suber
An American philosopher.
Wendell Meredith Stanley
Wendell Meredith Stanley
An American biochemist.
Robert T. Pennock
An American philosopher and critic of intelligent design.
Robert Quine
An American guitarist.
Manning Marable
Manning Marable
An American professor of public affairs and African American studies at Columbia University and biographer.
Peter D. Klein
An American philosopher.
Warder Clyde Allee
Warder Clyde Allee
An American zoologist and ecologist.
Frances Moore Lappé
Frances Moore Lappé
An American researcher and author.
Mary Haas
Mary Haas
An American linguist. Mary Haas is studied historical linguistics.
Rock Scully
A Music manager .
William O. Stephens
An American philosopher.

Who Are Earlham College's Most Influential Faculty?

Earlham College's most influential faculty include professors in the fields of Philosophy, Chemistry, and Communications. Here are some of Earlham College's most famous alumni:

Peter Suber
Peter Suber
An American philosopher.
William W. Biddle
William W. Biddle
An American psychologist .
Jeffrey Carlin
A Researcher.
Chris Smith
A Researcher ORCID 0000-0003-4667-9509.
Patrick S Barber
A Researcher.
Arunima Sen
A Researcher.
Augustus Taber Murray
An American classical philologist .
Katherine Delbecq
A Researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-2882-2017.

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