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Hospital in New York City, United States

About SUNY Downstate Medical Center

According to Wikipedia, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University is a public medical school and hospital in Brooklyn, New York. It is the southernmost member of the State University of New York system and the only academic medical center for health education, research, and patient care serving Brooklyn's 2.5 million residents. As of Fall 2018, it had a total student body of 1,846 and approximately 8,000 faculty and staff.

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How Much Does SUNY Downstate Medical Center Cost To Attend?

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How Much Do SUNY Downstate Medical Center Graduates Make?

If you graduate from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, then you can expect to earn an average of $169,600 per year.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center's Demographics

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Where is SUNY Downstate Medical Center?

SUNY Downstate Medical Center is located at 450 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn NY 11203-2098

What Is SUNY Downstate Medical Center Known For?

SUNY Downstate Medical Center is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are SUNY Downstate Medical Center's Most Influential Alumni?

SUNY Downstate Medical Center's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Medical, Nursing, and Biology. Here are some of SUNY Downstate Medical Center's most famous alumni:

Robert Latou Dickinson
An American obstetrician.
Allen Frances
An American psychiatrist who chaired the task force that produced the DSM-IV and critiqued the DSM-5.
Alexander S. Wiener
An American hematologist .
Adrian Kantrowitz
An American cardiac surgeon.
William Alanson White
An American neurologist.
Stanley Plotkin
Stanley Plotkin
An American physician.
Ali S. Khan
Ali S. Khan
A Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Eli Friedman
An American physician.
Susan Love
Susan Love
A US physician.
Herb Pardes
Herb Pardes
An American psychiatrist.
Samuel Waxman
An American oncologist.
Chris Beyrer
An American MD & academic.

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