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Research university in Cincinnati, Ohio

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About Union Institute & University

According to Wikipedia, Union Institute & University is a private university in Cincinnati, Ohio. It specializes in limited residence and distance learning programs. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and operates satellite campuses in Florida and California.

Union Institute & University Admissions, Retention, and Graduation Information

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How Much Does Union Institute & University Cost To Attend?

Tuition (in-state)

How Much Do Union Institute & University Graduates Make?

If you graduate from Union Institute & University, then you can expect to earn an average of $55,000 per year. You also have a 84% chance of being employed after 10 years.

Union Institute & University's Demographics

Demographic data is for full-time, on-campus students.

Student Body Under-Grads Graduates
792 591 201

Where is Union Institute & University?

Union Institute & University is located at 440 E McMillan St, Cincinnati OH 45206-1925

How Safe is Union Institute & University?

Cincinnati has a violent crime rate of less than .01% and a property crime rate of less than .01%.

What Is Union Institute & University Known For?

Union Institute & University is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are Union Institute & University's Most Influential Alumni?

Union Institute & University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. Here are some of Union Institute & University's most famous alumni:

Stanley Aronowitz
Stanley Aronowitz
An American sociologist.
Clarissa Pinkola Estés
An American psychoanalyst and writer.
Arnold Mindell
Arnold Mindell
An American psychologist.
Clayton Valli
An American linguist .
Yvonne Seon
An American professor, university administrator, and minister.
Tom L. Humphries
An American academic.
Elizabeth Sackler
Elizabeth Sackler
An American historian and philanthropist.
Rhetaugh Graves Dumas
An American nurse and professor.
E. M. Broner
E. M. Broner
An American writer.
Danny K. Davis
An American politician, Illinois.
Portia Simpson-Miller
A Former prime minister of Jamaica.
Ricardo Sánchez
An American poet .

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