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Victoria University of Wellington

Public university in New Zealand

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Victoria University of Wellington is a university in Wellington, New Zealand. It was established in 1897 by Act of Parliament, and was a constituent college of the University of New Zealand.The university is well known for its programmes in law, the humanities, and some scientific disciplines, and offers a broad range of other courses. Entry to all courses at first year is open, and entry to second year in some programmes is restricted.

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What is Victoria University of Wellington known for?

Our answer to this is to show you the disciplines in which a school's faculty and alumni have had the highest historical influence. A school may be influential in a discipline even if they do not offer degrees in that area. We've organized two lists to show where they are influential and offer corresponding degrees, and where they are influential through scholarship although they don't offer degrees in the disciplines.

Top areas of influence with degrees offered

#217 World Rank
#152 World Rank
#233 World Rank
#254 World Rank
#191 World Rank
Political Science
#475 World Rank
#277 World Rank
#392 World Rank
#454 World Rank
#534 World Rank
#371 World Rank
#628 World Rank
#272 World Rank
#488 World Rank
#485 World Rank
Computer Science
#332 World Rank
Religious Studies
#386 World Rank
#160 World Rank
#395 World Rank
#321 World Rank
Earth Sciences
#208 World Rank
Criminal Justice
#377 World Rank
#321 World Rank
#633 World Rank
Social Work

Influential People

Who are Victoria University of Wellington's Most influential alumni?

Victoria University of Wellington 's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Law, Anthropology, and Political Science

Tuiloma Neroni Slade

Samoan judge and diplomat

Guy Powles

Administrator of Tokelau

David M. Fergusson

New Zealand psychologist

Death of Blair Peach

Death of Blair Peach

Anti-Nazi protestor killed by the police in 1979

Warren Carter

American biblical scholar

Gavin Scott

British novelist

Elizabeth Isichei

Nigerian academic and historian

Warrick Couch

Warrick Couch

Australian astronomer

Alister McIntosh

New Zealand diplomat

Annette Huntington

New Zealand nursing academic

James Renwick

New Zealand climate scientist

Katharine Cashman

Katharine Cashman

American volcanologist