Alan Dershowitz
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Alan Dershowitz

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Alan Dershowitz is a former Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He earned his A.B. in political science from Brooklyn College and his LL.B from Yale Law School.

Known as a devil’s advocate, he considers himself to be a civil libertarian. He has provided defense representation to numerous high-profile clients, including Harry Reems for Deep Throat, O.J. Simpson for murder, Jeffrey Epstein for sexual exploitation of minors, and Harvey Weinstein for sexual abuse. He has remained a champion for the rights of the accused, particularly in cases of rape.

He has written and commentated extensively in favor of the 2nd Amendment, legalized torture by warrant, and limited rights for animals (suggesting that we should treat animals in the same way we treat others of our species, and that to not do so is “speciesism”.

Dershowitz, once a board member for the American Civil Liberties Union, with a particular interest in First Amendment protections for pornography and neo-Nazi speech, has in recent days been openly critical of the American Civil Liberties Union, feeling it has become too liberal.

He has been named a Guggenheim Fellow and has been awarded the Soviet Jewry Freedom Award, selected by the Russian Jewish Community Foundation.

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Harvard University
Harvard University

Private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

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Brooklyn College

Senior college of the City University of New York, located in Brooklyn

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