Alan Finkel
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Alan Finkel

Australian neuroscientist, engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist


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Alan Finkel is Australia’s 8th Chief Scientist. He earned a doctorate in electrical engineering from Monash University before embarking on his post-doctoral studies at the Australian National University. He is credited with the invention of a device that has substantially sped up drug research.

He is the founder of Cosmos, a highly regarded science magazine, and G: The Green Lifestyle Magazine. His patronage of the sciences has greatly influenced and advanced the field. He has been named a Member of the Order of Australia, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and an honorary member of the Monash Golden Key Society. He has served as the Chief Technology Officer and as Patron of In2Science and the Australian Science Media Centre.

In 2015, he was awarded the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Mountbatten Medal and selected to be a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

On an interesting side note, Finkel has purchased a seat on one of Virgin Galactic’s first passenger flights into space, for which he also wrote the words to The Environmental Symphony, which was a project created by Sir Richard Branson to educate the planet about protecting the environment.

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Alan Simon Finkel is Australia's Chief Scientist. An Australian neuroscientist, engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, he served as Chancellor of Monash University in 2008-2016.

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