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Anthony Walsh is a former law enforcement officer and professor at Boise State University. He earned a B.A. in sociology from Eastern Michigan University, an M.A. in medical sociology from the University of Toledo, and a Ph.D. in criminology from Bowling Green State University.

During his time working as a probation officer, he noticed that love seemed to play an outsized role in the circumstances of his parolees. He began to research the correlations of love and criminal behavior, publishing a book titled, The Science of Love: Understanding Love and Its Effects. His other works include Human Nature and Love: Biological, Intrapsychic, and Social-Behavioral Perspectives.

He is a member of the American Society of Criminology, the Biosocial Criminology Association, New York Academy of Sciences, and the National Sheriff’s Association. He has written or co-written several textbooks as well, including Criminology: The Essentials, Essential Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences: A Conceptual Approach, and Corrections: From Research, to Policy, to Procedure.

He is a Consulting Editor for the Journal of Ideology and Associate Editor for the Frontiers in Evolutionary Sociology and Biosociology. He has delivered guest lectures on sex hormones and delinquency; genes, environment, and criminality; synaptogenesis and myelination in the adolescent brain.

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According to Wikipedia, Anthony Walsh is an American criminologist and professor emeritus at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. He was educated at Eastern Michigan University , the University of Toledo , and Bowling Green State University . He worked in law enforcement for 21 years before joining the faculty of Boise State University in 1984. These positions included a stint as a probation officer in Lucas County, Ohio.

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