Caroline Klivans
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Caroline Klivans

American mathematician


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Caroline Klivans currently holds the title of Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University; she is also the Associate Director of the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM). Klivans previously held positions at The University of Chicago and Cornell University. She earned her BA in mathematics at Cornell University in 1999, and PhD from MIT in 2003.

Klivans is mostly focused on algebraic, geometric, and topological combinatorics, particularly in regards to chip-firing games and sandpile models. Not to be seen as trivial, chip-firing games are an important method in developing and understanding the properties of finite structures, which has implications for fields beyond mathematics. Toward this, Klivans is seen as a leading authority on the subject, having authored The Mathematics of Chip-Firing.

For her work, Klivans has received awards and honors including a National Science Foundation Conference Grant, a VIGRE Postdoctoral Fellowship, a NSF Graduate Fellowship, the Brown University Brazil Initiative Grant, and the Alice T. Schafer AWM National Mathematics Prize.

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