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British statistician and civil servant

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According to Wikipedia, Edward Hugh Simpson CB was a British codebreaker, statistician and civil servant. He was best known for describing Simpson's paradox along with Udny Yule. Contributions to the field of statistics Edward Hugh Simpson was introduced to the thinking of mathematical statistics as a cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park . He wrote the paper "The Interpretation of Interaction in Contingency Tables" while a postgraduate student at the University of Cambridge in 1946 with Maurice Bartlett as his tutor; and published it in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society in 1951 at Bartlett's request because Bartlett wanted to refer to it. The paper considered what came to be known as the Yule-Simpson effect or Simpson's paradox. This paradox is used in mathematical statistics teaching to illustrate the care statisticians need to take when interpreting data. It figured in a 2009 episode of the US television crime-solving series Numb3rs, and also, appropriately, in an episode of The Simpsons.

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