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Franz Brentano

Austrian philosopher and psychologist as well as refounder of the theory of intentionality


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Franz Clemens Honoratus Hermann Josef Brentano was an influential German philosopher, psychologist, and former Catholic priest whose work strongly influenced not only students Edmund Husserl, Sigmund Freud, Tomáš Masaryk, Rudolf Steiner, Alexius Meinong, Carl Stumpf, Anton Marty, Kazimierz Twardowski, and Christian von Ehrenfels, but many others whose work would follow and make use of his original ideas and concepts.

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University of Münster

German university

Humboldt University of Berlin

Public research university in Berlin, Germany

University of Vienna

Public university in Vienna, Austria

University of Tübingen

Public research university located in the city of Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

University of Würzburg

University in Germany

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

German university in Munich, Bavaria

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