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According to Wikipedia, Harold Amos was an American microbiologist. He taught at Harvard Medical School for nearly fifty years and was the first African-American department chair of the school. Early life Amos was born in Pennsauken, New Jersey to Howard R. Amos Sr., a Philadelphia postman, and Iola Johnson. Iola Johnson was adopted and educated by a Philadelphia Quaker family. Due to the close relationship between Iola and the Quaker family, the Amos family received a lot of books, including a biography of Louis Pasteur. Excelling as a student, Amos graduated in 1936 at the top of his class from Camden High School in New Jersey. He attended Springfield College in Massachusetts on a full academic scholarship. In 1941 he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in biology as a chemistry minor. He was drafted the following year, and after returning home from WWII in 1946, Amos began his graduate studies at Harvard University. He was the first African American to earn a doctoral degree from the Division of Medical Sciences, Harvard Medical School, in 1952.

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