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According to Wikipedia, Harry Stone Mosher was an American chemist and the discoverer of Mosher's acid. Early life Mosher attended Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, where he received a bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1937. He went on to Oregon State University, where he earned a master's degree in 1938. He then returned to Willamette to teach for one year. In 1939, he continued his graduate work at Pennsylvania State University under the mentorship of Frank C. Whitmore, a renowned organic chemist. In 1942, Mosher completed his PhD in organic chemistry. He remained at Pennsylvania State as an assistant professor, supervising research on synthetic anti-malarial drugs for the National Research Council and the production of DDT with the War Production Board. In 1944, Mosher married Carol Walker, a fellow chemistry graduate student at the university. Three years later, Mosher accepted an assistant professorship at Stanford University in the Department of Chemistry, and he and his wife moved to California for the position. That same year his wife Carol joined the staff of the Stanford Research Institute, later becoming senior organic chemist.

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