Jacques Derrida
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Jacques Derrida

French philosopher


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Jacques Derrida was an Algerian-born French philosopher best known for developing a form of semiotic analysis known as deconstruction, which he discussed in numerous texts, and developed in the context of phenomenology. He is one of the major figures associated with post-structuralism and postmodern philosophy.
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University of California, Irvine
University of California, Irvine

Public research university in Irvine, California, United States

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Harvard University
Harvard University

Private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

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School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences
School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences

French higher education institution

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Notable Works

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  • Glas
  • Writing and Difference
  • Echographies of Television
  • The dissemination
  • Specters of Marx
  • Archive Fever
  • The Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond
  • The Truth in Painting
  • The Rhetoric of Drugs
  • Right to Philosophy
  • The Animal That Therefore I Am
  • Speech and Phenomena
  • Acts of Literature
  • Philosophy in a Time of Terror
  • Positions
  • Points...: Interviews, 1974–1994
  • Limited Inc
  • Of Grammatology

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