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According to Wikipedia, James R. Dow is a Professor Emeritus of German at Iowa State University with research interests in German Volkskunde , Old Order Amish of Kalona and Amana Colonists of Amana. He took his doctorate from the University of Iowa in German literature in 1966. He taught at University of Wyoming before taking his permanent post in ISU in Aimes, Iowa. Dow served for ten years as the editor of the Internationale Volkskundliche Bibliographie. He was also guest professor at the University of Bremen in Germany. He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2005 for the study and grammar of the Cimbrian language, resulting in a highly regarded book Dow edited by the late Bruno Schweizer. James Dow has 8 grandchildren Alysabeth, Byron, Christian, Daniel Buck, and Jakob Dow, and Breslin, Brenden, Braylin Crose. He is married to Susan D. Dow.

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