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J.C. Barnes earned his Ph.D in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Florida State University.

He focuses on two main areas of inquiry, the role of environment and genetics in criminality, also known as biosocial criminology, and investigating the thought process by which criminals choose their victims. He has published and co-published numerous peer-reviewed articles, such as Catching the Really Bad Guys: An Assessment of the Efficacy of the U.S. Criminal Justice System, Analyzing the Origins of Life-Course-Persistent Offending: A Consideration of Environmental and Genetic Factors, and Extending Research on the Victim/Offender Overlap: Evidence from a Genetically Informative Analysis.

He is a co-author of The Genome-Wide Study of Human Social Behavior and Its Application in Sociology, in which they evaluate the practicality and usefulness of integrating sociological and genetic research. The conclusion of the researchers was that polygenic score analysis, widely used in medicine, had applications for sociological research, and that the inclusion of genomics in sociological research was going to disrupt the field.

He has been awarded two prominent research grants for research using virtual reality to understand criminal decision making, and for the development of a violence reduction training system based on virtual and augmented reality for mass shootings.

Today, he is an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Criminal Justice.

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According to Wikipedia, James Christopher "J. C." Barnes is an American criminologist and associate professor at the University of Cincinnati's School of Criminal Justice. He is known for studying biosocial criminology and the potential links between genetics and crime. He also has interests in studying human decision-making.

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