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Mathematician from the Northern Netherlands

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According to Wikipedia, Jean Henri van Swinden was a Dutch mathematician and physicist who taught in Franeker and Amsterdam. Biography His parents were the lawyer Phillippe van Swinden and Marie Anne Tollosan. He was trained 1763-1766 at the University of Leiden, where he became doctor of philosophy on 12 June 1766 with the thesis "Natural power of attraction". He became professor at the University of Franeker the same year, where he continued to study and conduct research as well as teach. In 1776 he won a prize from the Académie Royale des Sciences along with Charles-Augustin de Coulomb for his work on Earth's magnetic field, and the relationship between magnetism and electricity. A year later he won a prize from the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. His description of Eise Eisinga's planetarium in 1780 was later republished.

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