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According to Wikipedia, Professor Jerry Agada was a Nigerian educationist, scholar, author, Chairman Benue State Civil Service Commission, former president of the Association of Nigerian Authors , the first Fellow of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, in Central Nigeria, the vice-chairman of Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko and former minister of state for Education of the Federal republic of Nigeria. He is known for writings with the publication of his first book, The Magic year – poetry in prose and rhymes in 1996 and has since followed that book up with another one in 1998, The Secret Deal, which is a collection of stories, Rage and Tears, Orokam: A Roadmap for Socio-Economic & Political Advancement, Holy Land: Encounters and Symbolism and Web of Convictions. He's a multi award-winning writer, he bagged the award of the Academic Person of the year 2016 by Idoma Governor Support Group and the best author by Association of Nigerian Authors.

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