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According to Wikipedia, The University of Strathclyde is a public research university located in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute, it is Glasgow's second-oldest university, having received its royal charter in 1964 as the first technological university in the United Kingdom. Taking its name from the historic Kingdom of Strathclyde, it is Scotland's third-largest university by number of students, with students and staff from over 100 countries.

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University of Strathclyde is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are University of Strathclyde's Most Influential Alumni?

University of Strathclyde's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Criminal Justice, Engineering, and Chemistry. Here are some of University of Strathclyde's most famous alumni:

Henry Dyer
Henry Dyer
A British engineer.
Andrew O'Hagan
Andrew O'Hagan
A Scottish novelist, journalist, academic.
Chris Sawyer
A Scottish computer game developer.
Henry Faulds
Henry Faulds
A Scottish physician, missionary and scientist.
Rajiv Mehrishi
Rajiv Mehrishi
A Retired Indian civil servant .
Adrian Furnham
A South African-born British psychologist, writer, editor.
John Giannandrea
A Scottish computer scientist.
Elish Angiolini
A Scottish lawyer.
K M Baharul Islam
K M Baharul Islam
An Author, educator.
William MacGregor
William MacGregor
A British colonial governor and administrator .
Tom Devine
A Scottish historian.
Krisana Kraisintu
A Thai pharmacist.

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