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Jon M. Erlandson

American anthropologist


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Jon M. Erlandson is Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Oregon Department of Anthropology and the director of the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History. He earned his B.A. in physical anthropology and his M.A. and Ph.D in Archaeology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Erlandson has studied maritime archaeology, historical ecology and the interactions of humans with the natural environment. He has found that marine-capable, hunter-gatherer societies were more advanced and were able to support larger populations than their land-locked peers. His study of maritime adaptations has been somewhat hampered by the challenges of an incomplete or misleading archaeological record. With colleagues, he has developed a migration theory called the “kelp highway” hypothesis, which suggests that the intercontinental migration of early peoples may have been aided by the presence of lush kelp beds along their migration route. He was instrumental in the excavation of a major archaeological site in Iceland that yielded valuable insights into the lives of peoples there from the 10th to 12th Centuries.

Erlandson has published more than 250 works from his research. He has been a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2013.

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Jon M. Erlandson is an archaeologist and Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Sciences in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oregon, and the director of the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History. Erlandson’s research interests include coastal adaptations, the peopling of North America, maritime archaeology and historical ecology and human impacts in coastal ecosystems.

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