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Lonnie Athens

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Lonnie Athens was born in Richmond, Virginia. He earned a B.S. from Virginia Tech, an M.S. from University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a D.Crim from the University of California at Berkeley.

Athens is best known for his Theory of Violentization, which consists of Four Stages. The stages, Brutalization, Belligerancy, Violent Performances, and Virulency, are a continuum on which violent behavior develops over time. he has written several books about violence, including The Creation of Dangerous Violent Criminals and Violent Criminal Acts and Actors: A Symbolic Interactionist Study. He was the winner of the George Herbert Mead Award for Career Achievements from the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction and Scholar of the Year Award for Physical and Social Scientists by Seton Hall University.

He has been a member of the Scientific Committee for the International Society for Psychology and Law since 2008 and the advisory editor for the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography since 2010. He is a professor of criminal justice at Seton Hall University. Even as an academic, he has remained active in the criminal justice system, serving as an expert witness and consultant. He has also had three books written about him and his work on violentization theory.

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Lonnie Athens teaches in the criminology department at Seton Hall University and was senior research criminologist at Georgetown University Law Center.

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