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Louis Hjelmslev

Danish linguist


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Louis Trolle Hjelmslev was a Danish linguist whose ideas formed the basis of the Copenhagen School of linguistics. Born into an academic family , Hjelmslev studied comparative linguistics in Copenhagen, Prague and Paris . In 1931, he founded the Cercle Linguistique de Copenhague. Together with Hans Jørgen Uldall he developed a structuralist theory of language which he called glossematics, which further developed the semiotic theory of Ferdinand de Saussure. Glossematics as a theory of language is characterized by a high degree of formalism. It is interested in describing the formal and semantic characteristics of language in a strict separation from sociology, psychology or neurobiology, and has a high degree of logical rigour. Hjelmslev regarded linguistics — or glossematics — as a formal science. He was the inventor of formal linguistics. Hjelmslev’s theory became widely influential in structural and functional grammar, and in semiotics.

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