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Mary Daly

American radical feminist philosopher and theologian


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Mary Daly was an American radical feminist philosopher, academic, and theologian. Daly, who described herself as a "radical lesbian feminist", taught at the Jesuit-run Boston College for 33 years. Daly retired in 1999, after violating university policy by refusing to allow male students in her advanced women's studies classes. She allowed male students in her introductory class and privately tutored those who wanted to take advanced classes.

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Queen's University Belfast

Public research university in Belfast, United Kingdom

Marquette University

Private university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Saint Mary's College

Liberal arts college in Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.

University of Fribourg

University in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland

University of Oxford

Collegiate research university in Oxford, England

Queen's University at Kingston

University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Boston College

Private research university in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, United States

University of Göttingen

University in the city of Göttingen, Germany

Boston University

Private research university in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

College of Saint Rose

Private college in Albany, New York

The Catholic University of America

Private Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

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