Michel Foucault
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Michel Foucault

French philosopher


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Paul-Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, social theorist, and literary critic.

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University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley

Public research university in Berkeley, California, United States

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Tunis University

University in Tunisia

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University of Warsaw
University of Warsaw

Largest university in Poland

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Uppsala University
Uppsala University

Research university in Uppsala, Sweden

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University at Buffalo
University at Buffalo

University with campuses in and around Buffalo, NY and Amherst, NY

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Paris 8 University
Paris 8 University

Public university in Paris, France

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Notable Works

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  • L'usage des plaisirs
  • Confessions of the Flesh
  • Nietzsche: the Genealogy, the History
  • Discipline and Punish
  • Hermeneutics of the Subject
  • The Order of Things
  • The Archaeology of Knowledge
  • Sexual Morality and the Law
  • La volonté de savoir
  • Il faut défendre la société
  • The Subject and Power
  • The Birth of the Clinic
  • What Is an Author?
  • Security, Territory, Population
  • Les Anormaux
  • The Birth of Biopolitics
  • Le souci de soi
  • Introduction to Kant's Anthropology
  • Madness and Civilization
  • L'Ordre du discours

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