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Mitsuhiro Shishikura

Japanese mathematician


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Mitsuhiro Shishikura is a Japanese mathematician working in the field of complex dynamics. He is professor at Kyoto University in Japan.Shishikura became internationally recognized for two of his earliest contributions, both of which solved long-standing open problems.In his Master's thesis, he proved a conjectured of Fatou from 1920 by showing that a rational function nonrepelling periodic cycles.He proved that the boundary of the Mandelbrot set has Hausdorff dimension two, confirming a conjecture stated by Mandelbrot and Milnor.For his results, he was awarded the Salem Prize in 1992, and the Iyanaga Spring Prize of the Mathematical Society of Japan in 1995.

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University of Tokyo

National research university in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Institute of Technology

National top-tier research university located in Greater Tokyo Area, Japan

Kyoto University

National university located in Kyoto, Japan

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