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Nadia Brown

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Nadia E. Brown is a University Scholar and Professor of Political Science and African American Studies at Purdue University. She earned a B.A. in political science from Howard University, and a Ph.D. in political science, with a concentration in women and politics from Rutgers University. She later went on to earn a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Her work has focused on intersectionality between legislative, gender and identity studies. She began her work as a professor at St. Louis University, where she worked from 2010 to 2013. She later wrote a book, Sisters in the Statehouse: Black Women and Legislative Decision Making, which was awarded the 2015 W.E.B. Dubois Distinguished Book Award. The book investigates how African-American female legislators work may be influenced in their decision making by their experiences with sexism and racism. Other published works of Brown include Me Too Political Science and Distinct Identities: Miniority Women in U.S. Politics.

She was named a University Scholar at Purdue University, in recognition for her “accelerated path to academic distinction”, and in 2019, she was selected as Member of the Month by the American Political Science Association.

Brown has been a powerful voice on behalf of female African-American scholars and legislators, serving as a member of the editorial board of Women Also Know Stuff (a database of political science experts), and as lead editor of Politics, Groups, and Identities.

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Nadia Elizabeth Brown is an American political scientist. She is a University Scholar and professor of Political Science and African American Studies at Purdue University, where she is also affiliated with the department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In 2020 she was appointed Director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program at Georgetown University, with a term starting in August 2021. Brown is a scholar of American politics whose work focuses on identity politics, legislative studies, and Black women's studies, using the theory of intersectionality to study topics across multiple disciplines.

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Public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States

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