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By James Barham, PhD

Rutgers University’s full official name is Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Rutgers traces its roots to Queen’s College, which was founded in 1766, making it the thirteenth-oldest university in the US.

In 1825, Revolutionary War hero and philanthropist Henry Rutgers made a large financial contribution to the school, which in turn changed its name to Rutgers College.

Rutgers College was upgraded to full university status in 1924, and in 1945 Rutgers was officially designated The State University of New Jersey.

Today, Rutgers comprises three main campuses (New Brunswick-Piscataway—the flagship campus—Newark, and Camden), with over 4000 faculty members spread across 175 academic departments and a total student body approaching 70,000.

Rutgers is associated with six Nobel Prize laureates, namely:

  • Physicist, Heinrich Rohrer
  • Microbiologist, Selman Waksman
  • Economists, Milton Friedman & Harry Markowitz
  • Dominican poet, Derek Walcott
  • American novelist, Toni Morrison

Among other prominent Rutgers-connected people, we may note the following:

  • Singer, actor, and civil rights activist, Paul Robeson
  • Popular musician, David Bryan
  • Painter and sculptor, George Segal
  • Poets, Joyce Kilmer & Robert Pinsky
  • Novelists, Philip Roth, Junot Díaz & Janet Evanovich
  • Film director, Henry Selick
  • Actors, James Gandolfini, Roy Scheider, Calista Flockhart, Charles Hallahan & Keir Dullea
  • Historian, David Levering Lewis
  • Linguist, John McWhorter
  • Philosophers, Jerry Fodor, Zenon Pylyshyn, Stephen Stich & Jonathan Schaffer
  • Philosopher, computer scientist, and Turing Award winner, Judea Pearl
  • Physicist, Michael R. Douglas
  • Evolutionary biology, Robert Trivers
  • Former FBI Director, Louis J. Freeh
  • US Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  • US Senator and 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination candidate, Elizabeth Warren

According to Wikipedia, Rutgers University , officially known as Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a public land-grant research university based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Chartered in 1766, Rutgers was originally called Queen's College. It is the eighth-oldest college in the United States, the second-oldest in New Jersey , and one of the nine U.S. colonial colleges that were chartered before the American Revolution. In 1825, Queen's College was renamed Rutgers College in honor of Colonel Henry Rutgers, whose substantial gift to the school had stabilized its finances during a period of uncertainty. For most of its existence, Rutgers was a private liberal arts college but it has evolved into a coeducational public research university after being designated The State University of New Jersey by the New Jersey Legislature via laws enacted in 1945 and 1956.

What Is Rutgers University Known For?

Rutgers University is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are Rutgers University's Most Influential Alumni?

Rutgers University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Criminal Justice, Nursing, and Economics. Here are some of Rutgers University's most famous alumni:

Adriano Espaillat
A U.S. Representative from New York.
Tracy Byrnes
An American journalist.
Rebecca Quick
Rebecca Quick
An American journalist.
George Barna
An American sociologist.
Jay Chiat
An American businessman.
Ruth Sager
Ruth Sager
An American geneticist.
Ralph L. Brinster
Ralph L. Brinster
An American geneticist.
Bill Jemas
Bill Jemas
An American media entrepreneur.
Gregory Gabadadze
A Researcher.
Mark Fields
Mark Fields
An American business executive.
Anne Milgram
An American lawyer.
Richard H. Frenkiel
Richard H. Frenkiel
An American engineer.