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Neil W. Chamberlain

American business and labor relations scholar


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Neil Cornelius Wolverton Chamberlain was an American economist who was the Armand G. Erpf Professor of Modern Corporations of the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. Before that he was a professor in the Department of Economics at Yale University. His scholarly efforts concerned industrial relations and labor economics, the economies of corporations and corporate planning, national planning, and social values and corporate social responsibility. He was the author of nineteen books, editor of six more, published numerous articles in academic journals, and wrote an intellectual memoir as well. His range of research and writing was unusually wide, but his biggest contribution to the field of economics was in the study of industrial relations and especially in his analysis of bargaining power.

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Case Western Reserve University

University in Ohio, United States

Ohio State University

Public research university in Columbus, Ohio, United States

Yale University

Private research university in New Haven, Connecticut, United States

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