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German and British mathematician and physicist

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According to Wikipedia, Paul Weiss was a German and British mathematician and theoretical physicist, pioneer of canonical quantization of field theories. Biography Paul Weiss was born in Sagan in the German part of Silesia into a wealthy Jewish industrialist family. In 1929–1933 he was educated at the University of Göttingen, where he became a pupil of Max Born, with a break for the academic year 1930–31, when he worked as a school teacher; he also studied in Paris and Zurich for some time. After the Nazis came to power, Born left Germany and invited Weiss to the University of Cambridge; Weiss joined Born in the autumn of 1933 . After Born moved to Edinburgh, the young scientist continued work under the direction of Paul Dirac and in 1936 received his PhD with a thesis "The Notion of Conjugate Variables in the Calculus of Variations for Multiple Integrals and its Application to the Quantisation of Field Physics". In the thesis and several subsequent publications, Weiss has developed a scheme of canonical quantization of field theories, in particular, he generalized commutation relations for the field variables. He focused primarily on general mathematical formalism for the quantization of field theories. Weiss's method , based on the analysis of the parameters labelling an arbitrary hypersurface, was used by Dirac in the late 1940s to develop canonical quantization of constrained Hamiltonian systems, and later – for the development of the canonical quantum gravity .

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