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According to Wikipedia, Tiziana Andina is full professor of theoretical philosophy at the University of Turin. Biography Tiziana Andina was born in Asti in 1970. Andina attended the University of Turin where she studied philosophy graduating in 1994. She got her PhD in aesthetics and theory of art in 2003 from the University of Palermo. She went on to become researcher and professor at the University of Turin, where she teaches theoretical philosophy. Her recent research interests concern aesthetics and philosophy of art, social ontology, transgenerational action, the relationship between generations and problems of intergenerational justice. She is co-editor of the international series "Analytic Aesthetics and Contemporary Art and Brill Reaserches Perspectives in Art and Law". Since 2020, Andina has been the managing editor of Rivista di Estetica, one of Italy's oldest journals. In 2016 she became director of the Labont research center.

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