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Mississippi's Best Online Bachelor's in Cybersecurity Programs

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Key Takeaways

  • Mississippi’s cybersecurity job market ranks among the country’s most robust in the sector.

  • The demand for cybersecurity professionals in Mississippi caused many of the state’s best schools to begin offering cybersecurity degree programs.

  • Many of these are fully accredited programs that can be completed entirely online.

Mississippi’s tech industry is not as prominent as tech hubs like Austin or Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, the state’s multiple encounters with cyber attacks led to Mississippi’s government increasing its cyber defense efforts. In fact, Bobby Freeman, the state’s first Cyber Director, had announced the creation of Mississiippi’s New Cybersecurity Unit and Leadership.

The state’s continuous efforts to counterattack cyber threats and safeguard network security equate to more opportunities for cybersecurity professionals to pursue careers from entry-level employment to advanced responsibilities.

Mississippi’s universities and colleges are expanding their cybersecurity programs and courses to address the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals. In collaboration with the National Security Agency, some Mississippi colleges now offer cybersecurity degree programs via online learning.

Featured Programs

Cybersecurity: A Top Degree for the Next Decade

There’s a growing demand for cybersecurity worldwide. Job vacancies grew by 350% from 2013 to 2021, making it the fastest-growing sector. And unlike other high-paying industries, like healthcare, you don’t need to earn a PhD to pursue advanced roles. That’s why we’ve ranked cybersecurity degrees as the best degrees for jobs over the next decade.

A bachelor’s in cybersecurity education will instantly jumpstart your career in the field. However, you may need to pursue certifications, which is more convenient and cost-efficient than pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree as you would in other fields.

Bachelor’s in cybersecurity graduates can pursue various cybersecurity roles. The most common pathway is becoming an Information Security Analyst, whose employment is expected to grow by 32% over the next ten years.

Cybersecurity is also new, and its need is very widespread. In our interview with world-leading cyber security expert Isaac Ben-Israel, Ben-Israel says, “Because we understand that nowadays everyone is dependent on computers, not only military organizations, defense organizations. and therefore, the citizen, the simple citizen, needs protection as well as the big organization. and we decided to make it legitimate for education and industry... At that time 2011, it’s hard to believe, but this is true: there was not even one university in the world, neither in Israel nor in the States, in which you could go and study cybersecurity. Only ten years ago. It’s hard to believe, but this was the situation ten years ago. Today... you can learn cyber security in every university.”

If you are still wondering if a cybersecurity degree is worth it, we answer that, and we can give you the playbook for how to become a cybersecurity analyst.

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Mississippi Colleges Answering the Demand for Cybersecurity Degrees Online

We’ve identified 5 colleges with online cybersecurity bachelor’s degrees in Mississippi. Online degrees offer students in Mississippi maximum flexibility and convenience so they can study while working. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

These programs are offered by some of Mississippi’s top ranked colleges like Jackson State University and Mississippi University for Women. For more about Mississippi colleges visit The Best Colleges in Mississippi.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity

What will I learn in an online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity program in Mississippi?

With an online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity program, you’ll learn specific subjects like software development and systems administration while also strengthening your math and computer science skills.

You will learn important but complicated topics like:

  • Cryptography
  • Software Programming
  • Data Analytics
  • Network Security
  • Information Security
  • Systems Administration
  • National Security Policy

Key learning skills for your online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity include:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Self-Pacing

As an online cybersecurity bachelor, you’ll learn to:

  • Analyze network components, including software and hardware.
  • Identify system vulnerabilities through a combination of technological and analytical insight.
  • Create solutions for system vulnerabilities.
  • Navigate the ethical and policy issues related to the cybersecurity profession.
  • Provide both short-term and long-term organizational strategies for managing cybersecurity challenges.

What courses will I take with an online bachelor’s in cybersecurity degree in Mississippi?

As an online bachelor’s in cybersecurity student, you’ll take courses in areas like network security, risk assessment, and digital surveillance. Popular online courses in cybersecurity include:

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Learn to identify cybersecurity threats and the techniques used by bad actors to attack secure networks. Study ethical hacking methodologies, permissions management, threat assessment reporting, and more.

National Security Policy

Learn the laws, policies, and practices shaping the cybersecurity profession in the United States. Study American cybersecurity policy as well as international policy and policy approaches in other nations.

Enterprise Risk Management

Learn how to analyze security conditions for commercial enterprises to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions. Study best practices as well as legal and ethical responsibilities in creating network security strategies.

Network Security Administration

Learn how to assess, operate and improve network security information for private, public, or non-profit organizations, including Homeland Security. Study cloud security, information security, systems auditing and more.

Digital Forensics

Learn how to investigate cybercrime and produce evidence to be used in prosecuting these crimes. Study the tools, techniques, and principles driving digital forensics investigation.

If the online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is your first experience with online education, check out our 10 Tips for Adjusting to School Online.

For a look at some of the advantages of pursuing your bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity online, check out these 5 Ways Online Education Can Be More Effective Than Traditional Classroom Education.

What jobs can I do with an online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity in Mississippi?

You can do a lot of jobs in computer and network security with an online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. The bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is the basic qualification for students who want to become:

Computer and Information Systems Managers As a Computer and Information Systems Manager, you will plan, coordinate and lead a wide range of computer-related activities in your organization, including network security, permissions management, database management, and more. Computer and Information Systems Managers earned a median pay of $164,070 in 2022. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% rate of growth by 2032, with 46,900 new jobs added.

Computer Network Architects As a Computer Network Architect, you will design and build data communication networks. This includes local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and Intranets, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS also notes that computer network architects earned a median pay of $126,900 in 2022. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 4% rate of growth by 2032, with 10,200 new jobs added.

Database Administrators and Architects As a Database Administrator or Architect, you will work within an organization to create, organize and oversee the systems used to both store data and keep this data secure. Database Administrators and Architects earned a median pay of  $112,120 in 2022. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% rate of growth by 2032, with 10,200 new jobs added.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators. As a Network and Computer Systems Administrator, you are responsible for both the daily and long-term operation and oversight of internal network for your organization. This includes maintenance, updates, data management, security, and more. These professionals earned a median pay of $90,520 in 2022. The Labor Statistics Bureau projects a 2% rate of growth by 2032, with 19,800 new jobs added.

How long does it take to earn an online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity in Mississippi?

It typically takes four to six years, or 120 credits, to earn an online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. Some online programs may offer accelerated or self-paced options where you can earn your online bachelor’s degree in as little as 18 to 24 months.

Is it cheaper to get a cybersecurity degree online than a traditional degree?

It can be cheaper to get a cybersecurity degree online if you go to a public school in your state with tuition discounts for in-state students. Online students get these same in-state discounts.

Your tuition for the online degree will be the same, or slightly more, than the tuition for an in-person degree. But you will save on expenses like housing, transportation, and certain campus fees. For more, check out our Guide to the Cost of Online College vs. On-Campus College.

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Why Choose Mississippi for a Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity Degree Online?

One of the top reasons why plenty of people pursue an online education in Mississippi is its affordability. Mississippi’s accredited colleges and universities can compete with other major tech schools at lower sticker prices.

In addition to its low and affordable tuition and fees, students can greatly benefit from Mississippi online cybersecurity degrees that allow students to study at their own pace. This option helps students continue their careers or obligations while finishing a degree.

The state has over 2,000 vacant cybersecurity positions. Although this number is lower than the job demand in Texas and Florida, local university graduates have the advantage of a relative lack of competition.

For detailed information on accreditation, financial aid, college applications and more, check out our Complete Guide to Applying for College.

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Best Online Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity Programs in Mississippi

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    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for Cybersecurity degree at Jackson State University

    Cost of Degree: $8,445
    Expenses: $16,881
    Starting Salary: $42,498
    Salary after 4 years: $55,145
    Cost Recoup Time: 10 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Jackson State University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), provides a variety of academic programs and extracurricular activities that encourage students to achieve academic success and hone their leadership abilities, including a cybersecurity readiness program. JSU collaborates with the Microsoft TechSpark Initiative to enhance its cybersecurity readiness program. The initiative aims to create economic opportunities in STEM by offering digital skills training, job prospects, and industry-specific computer science education.

    Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering primarily benefit from JSU’s cybersecurity readiness program. This undergraduate degree, accredited by the ABET, offers a curriculum emphasizing the hardware and software of computer systems.

    Its coursework explores various topics necessary for cybersecurity, like Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Computer Organization. This degree qualifies graduates for entry-level cybersecurity positions and prepares them for industry-specific certification exams for mid to higher-level roles.

    Online Cybersecurity Degrees

    BS in Technology - Emergency Management
    • Required Credits: 124
    • Completion time: 4 years
    • Format: Online
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    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for Cybersecurity degree at Mississippi University for Women

    Cost of Degree: $7,756
    Expenses: $13,923
    Starting Salary: $49,056
    Salary after 4 years: $63,654
    Cost Recoup Time: 8 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Known for its strength in providing higher education to women, Mississippi University for Women is also known for holding one of the lowest student debt ratios in the state. In 1982, The W became a co-ed institution famous for diversity and social mobility.

    Students who want to obtain cybersecurity education but want to keep their options open for the business industry—another dominating industry—can pursue the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems at The W. This online degree program provides students with a well-rounded education in liberal arts and technical abilities for a successful career in their chosen field, may it be in the technology or business sector.

    Students will develop critical thinking, effective communication, cultural literacy, quantitative and technological skills, and a thorough understanding of themselves, other human communities, and the natural world.

    BBA in MIS degree students undergo a curriculum combining business principles with information technology and organizational processes. Business courses they’ll explore include Economics, Accounting, Advanced Statistical Analysis, Management, and Legal Environment of Business. MIS concentration courses include Database Applications, Web Development for Business, Systems and Network Administration, Systems Analysis and Design, and Information Security Management.

    Online Cybersecurity Degrees

    Bachelor of Business Administration


    • Management Information Systems
    • Required Credits: 120
    • Completion time: None Reported
    • Format: Online
  3. #3

    Mississippi State University

    Mississippi State , MS
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for Cybersecurity degree at Mississippi State University

    Cost of Degree: $9,220
    Expenses: $17,240
    Starting Salary: $59,775
    Salary after 4 years: $77,563
    Cost Recoup Time: 8 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Mississippi State University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country, holding an “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity” designation. With its reputation for academic excellence, students seeking an online education in the institution can be confident that research opportunities and excellent faculty members will surround them. This institution also has a general transfer policy that accepts up to 60 credit hours from an accredited community college.

    MSU offers a Bachelor of Applied Science designed for nontraditional students seeking an affordable, accelerated, and flexible online degree program. This program comprises general, core, electives, and cybersecurity courses. Students can pursue an online emphasis in cybersecurity from the Bagley College of Engineering.

    Students in this online cybersecurity degree will explore several topics that equip them with security management and policies, cyber defense and countermeasures, cyber offensive, and ethical hacking knowledge. This emphasis includes advanced subjects, such as Cryptography, Computer Forensics, Software Reverse Engineering, and Cyber Operations.

    Online Cybersecurity Degrees

    Bachelor of Applied Science
    • Required Credits: 120
    • Completion time: 4 years
    • Format: Online
  4. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Career Outlook for Cybersecurity degree at University of Southern Mississippi

    Cost of Degree: $9,204
    Expenses: $16,076
    Starting Salary: $53,848
    Salary after 4 years: $69,873
    Cost Recoup Time: 8 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    The University of Southern Mississippi is a top-ranked public research institution with over 150 degree programs, some available online through Southern Miss Online. Among its popular degree programs is the online Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity that provides a comprehensive cyber defense education with hands-on learning emphasis and access to state-of-the-art labs and technology.

    Living up to its reputation as one of the best cybersecurity degrees in Mississippi, this online program requires students to participate in cybersecurity competitions conducted online and on campus. Participants will be tasked to apply cybersecurity principles and techniques to problems, giving them practical experience that advances learning. These events also make it easier to network with business experts, which frequently results in internship and employment possibilities in the cybersecurity sector.

    Students with associate degrees from accredited community colleges can transfer up to 60 hours to reduce costs.

    Online Cybersecurity Degrees

    BAS in Cybersecurity
    • Required Credits: 120
    • Completion time: 2-4 years
    • Format: Online
  5. Strayer University has multiple campuses in the country, one located in one of the most thriving cities in Mississippi. Although known for its expensive tuition and fees, Strayer is one of the most sought-after online colleges, as its curriculum and formats are designed for working industry professionals.

    Students interested in seeking career opportunities in the cybersecurity sector can consider Strayer’s interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and pursue a Cybersecurity concentration. In this bachelor’s program, students will gain expertise in network security, covering defensive and offensive strategies. They will also investigate ethical and unethical hacking practices, including penetration tests and information security analysis.

    Online Cybersecurity Degrees

    BS in Information Technology
    • Required Credits: 120
    • Completion time: 2-4 years
    • Format: Online

Career Outlook for Students with Cybersecurity Degree

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Computer And Information Systems Security/Auditing/Information Assurance

Degree Level: Bachelor's

  • Location: Mississippi (Private Schools)
  • Avg. Cost of Degree*: $9,220
  • Avg. Expenses*: $17,240
  • Job Growth: 12.20%
  • Number of Jobs: 1,510,100
  • * denotes ‘annually’

Career Salaries

CareerJob GrowthAvg. Salary
Computer and Information Systems Managers16.19%$100,110
Database Architects10.25%$99,340
Computer Network Architects4.29%$80,320
Computer Occupations, All Other10.04%$78,940
Managers, All Other6.01%$77,230

Average Career Salaries

Bottom 10%MedianTop 10%

Promising Job Markets

StateCost of LivingAvg. Salary
#38 Mississippi18% higher than average$71,832
#2 Virginia5% higher than average$112,646
#3 Georgia13% higher than average$99,493
#4 North Carolina11% higher than average$99,977
#5 New York5% higher than average$117,545
#6 Washington7% higher than average$119,384
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