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Community college in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

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About Kingsborough Community College

According to Wikipedia, Kingsborough Community College is a public community college in Brooklyn, New York. It is part of the City University of New York system and the only community college in Brooklyn. History Kingsborough was founded in 1963, and serves approximately 10,000 students. In its early years, it also had an annex, known as the "Mid-Brooklyn campus". In 2019 Leonard Riggio, the founder and chairman of Barnes & Noble book stores, donated $1 million toward scholarships for Kingsborough students.

Kingsborough Community College's Online Degrees

AS in Business Administration
  • Required Credits: 60
  • Completion Time: None Reported
  • Format: None Reported
AA in Liberal Arts
Degree Concentrations
  • Children’s Studies Concentration
  • English
  • Global and Environmental Studies Concentration
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Secondary Education
  • Spanish
  • Women’s and Gender Studies Concentration
  • Required Credits: 60
  • Completion Time: None Reported
  • Format: None Reported
AS in Community Health
Degree Concentrations
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Health Services Administration
  • Gerontology
  • Required Credits: 60
  • Completion Time: None Reported
  • Format: None Reported

Kingsborough Community College Admissions, Retention, and Graduation Information

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How Much Does Kingsborough Community College Cost To Attend?

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How Much Do Kingsborough Community College Graduates Make?

If you graduate from Kingsborough Community College, then you can expect to earn an average of $41,300 per year. You also have a 84% chance of being employed after 10 years.

Kingsborough Community College's Demographics

Demographic data is for full-time, on-campus students.

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Where is Kingsborough Community College?

Kingsborough Community College is located at 2001 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11235

What Is Kingsborough Community College Known For?

Kingsborough Community College is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

Kingsborough Community College's Top Areas of Influence With Degrees Offered

Who Are Kingsborough Community College's Most Influential Alumni?

Kingsborough Community College's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Communications, Mathematics, and Criminal Justice. Here are some of Kingsborough Community College's most famous alumni:

Linda Sarsour
Linda Sarsour
A Palestinian-American political activist.
Jeff Koinange
A Kenyan journalist.
Riddick Bowe
Riddick Bowe
An American boxer.
Sid Rosenberg
An American journalist.
Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay
An American comedian and actor.
Eric Carr
Eric Carr
An American drummer .
Tashni-Ann Dubroy
A Jamaican academic and university administrator.
Pete Falcone
Pete Falcone
A Major League Baseball pitcher.
Larry Seabrook
An American politician.
Ronny Drayton
An American musician.
Andrew D. Weyman
An American television director.
Rey Palacios
An American baseball player.

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