University of Plymouth
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University of Plymouth

University in Plymouth, UK

The University of Plymouth is a public university based predominantly in Plymouth, England where the main campus is located, but the university has campuses and affiliated colleges across South West England. With students, it is the largest in the United Kingdom by total number of students . It has 2,915 staff.

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What is University of Plymouth known for?

#173 World Rank
Social Work
#247 World Rank
#320 World Rank
#348 World Rank
Earth Sciences
#459 World Rank
#496 World Rank
#527 World Rank
#534 World Rank
Computer Science
#615 World Rank
Criminal Justice
#633 World Rank
#686 World Rank
#724 World Rank
#834 World Rank
#873 World Rank
#974 World Rank
#1069 World Rank
#1071 World Rank
#1318 World Rank
#1549 World Rank
Political Science
#2510 World Rank
Religious Studies

Influential People

Who are University of Plymouth's Most influential alumni?

University of Plymouth's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Social Work, Nursing, and Psychology. University of Plymouth’s most academically influential people include Natasha Vita-More, Azim Surani, and Alexis Kirke.

Natasha Vita-More
Natasha Vita-More

American artist and transhumanist

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Azim Surani

Developmental biologist

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Alexis Kirke

British composer

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Michael Pearce

Painter and lighting designer

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Jane Wilson-Howarth
Jane Wilson-Howarth

British physician, lecturer and author

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Ian Parker
Ian Parker

British psychologist

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Heather Koldewey
Heather Koldewey

British biologist

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Philip Payton

English academic – Cornish and Australian studies

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Sade Adeniran

Nigerian novelist

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Monty Halls

English television personality and explorer

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Andrea Polli
Andrea Polli

Environmental artist and writer

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Julian Bovis

British artist and journalist

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