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Arnold Farr


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Arnold Farr is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. His research interests are German idealism, Marxism, critical theory, philosophy of race, postmodernism, psychoanalysis, and liberation philosophy. He has published numorous articles and book chapters on all of these subjects. He is co-author and co-editor of Marginal Groups and Mainstream American Culture. In 2009 he published Critical Theory and Democratic Vision: Herbert Marcuse and Recent Liberation Philosophies. He is currently working on a book on race, a collection of essays on Marcuse, and a single authored manuscript entitled Misrecognition, Mimetic Rivalry, and One-Dimensionality: Toward a Critical Theory of Human Conflict. Arnold is also the founder of the International Herbert Marcuse Society.

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Saint Joseph's University

Private, coeducational Roman Catholic Jesuit university in Philadelphia and Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, USA

University of Kentucky

University in the United States

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