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Cormac Ó Gráda

Irish economic historian and professor of economics at University College Dublin


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Cormac Ó Gráda was born in Ireland in 1945. He earned his undergraduate degree from University College Dublin before earning his PhD in economics from Columbia University. He was greatly influenced by another scholar, Joel Mokyr, who shared his passion for economic history.

He has devoted much of his career to better understanding Ireland’s economic history and the impacts of the Great Irish Potato Famine, which lasted from 1845-1849 and resulted in the starvation of about a million Irish people. He has written many books and over 100 research papers. His most recent work, Eating People is Wrong, and Other Essays on Famine, Its Past and Its Future, was published in 2015, and presents an examination of global famine. Two of his books, Black ’47 and Beyond: The Great Irish Famine in History, Economy, and Memory and Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce, have been awarded the James S. Donnelly, Sr. Prize.

Having spent many years as a visiting professor at prestigious institutions such as the University of Copenhagen and Princeton University, he is now Professor Emeritus of Economics at University College Dublin and the President of the Economic History Association. He is also a member of organizations such as the Economic History Society, the Irish Economic and Social History Society and the Royal Irish Academy, the last of which awarded him a Gold Medal in 2010.

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Cormac Ó Gráda is an Irish economic historian and professor emeritus of economics at University College Dublin. His research has focused on the economic history of Ireland, Irish demographic changes, the Great Irish Famine , and the history of the Jews in Ireland.

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