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According to Wikipedia, Ernest James Harris was an American entomologist who is best known for his work on Biosteres arisanus, a species of wasp. He was inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame in 1999. Early life and education Harris was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He was the youngest of six children, and grew up on a 45-acre cotton farm without access to electricity. Every year he missed school during the harvest to pick cotton, and would have to study by candlelight. He became interested in insects as a child. He was a student at Pulaski County Training School, which was segregated at the time, and graduated wanting to become an airplane mechanic. Harris attended the Camp Gilbert H. Johnson, which was also segregated, where he was only given menial tasks. Harris was one of the first African-Americans to serve in the United States Marine Corps, enlisted under Executive Order 8802. Harris served as a Montford Point Marine.

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