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Jinny Yu

Korean-born Canadian painter


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Jinny Yu is a Canadian artist working primarily in the fields of painting and installation art.Life and work Jinny Yu was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1976. She immigrated to Canada in 1988, settling in Montreal. Yu studied fine arts at Dawson College, earning a degree in fine arts in 1995, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University three years later. During the mid- and late-1990s, Yu taught art at various schools in Quebec and at the American School of Paris in France. She studied at York University, earning her Master of Business Administration degree in Arts and Media Administration and Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts in 2002. From 2003 until 2005, Yu worked as an Assistant Professor at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. She left Mount Allison to serve as a research fellow at the Centre for Studies on Technologies in Distributed Intelligence Systems at Venice International University for a year. Today, she serves as Professor at the University of Ottawa. Yu resides in Ottawa, Canada.

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Concordia University

University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dawson College

College in Montreal, Canada

York University

University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

University of Ottawa

Bilingual public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada