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York University

University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
By James Barham, PhD

York University (AKA Université York) is a public research university which was founded in 1959. With a student body approaching 56,000 in size, York University is the third-largest institution of higher learning in Canada, after the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia.

Initially associated with the University of Toronto and housed on its campus, from its inception York University was intended to serve the inner northern and eastern Greater-Toronto suburbs, three of which are named “York” (York, North York, and East York) and which were independent municipalities at the time.

In 1961, the university moved as planned to the campus of Glendon College, located in eastern North York, which had also been founded two years earlier.

Although Glendon College was administratively absorbed into York University, the main part of the university moved once again in 1965—his time to a brand-new campus on Keele Street in North York, to the west of the Glendon campus.

In this way, York University became a dual-campus institution. Note that the Keele Campus is primarily English-speaking, while the Glendon Campus is officially bilingual (English and French).

In 1998, both campuses were brought within the official city limits of Toronto through the amalgamation of North York with Old Toronto, along with four more previously independent towns: York, East York, Etobicoke (to the west), and Scarborough (to the east).

York University is associated with many prominent persons, including the following:

  • Mathematicians, Lee Lorch & Jianhong Wu
  • Computer scientist, John Tsotsos
  • Philosophers, Ian C. Jarvie, Stuart Shanker & Lorraine Code
  • Crime author, Peter Robinson
  • Literary scholar, Deanne Williams
  • Actors, Nate Nelligan, Henry Czerny, Scott Thompson, Rachel McAdams, Katheryn Winnick & Thea Gill
  • Comedian, Lilly Singh
  • Science illustrator, John C. McConnell
  • Classical composer and music theorist, James Tenney
  • Popular musician, Kim Gordon
  • Physicists, Eric Hessels & Norbert Bartel
  • Space scientist, Gordon Shepherd
  • Chemists, Clifford Leznoff, Gerald O. Aspinall & K.W. Michael Siu
  • Geologist, John Tuzo Wilson
  • Molecular biologist, Robert Haynes
  • Immunologist, Gillian Elizabeth Wu
  • Zoologist and evolutionary theorist, Helen Rodd
  • Ornithologist and ecologist, Bridget Stutchbury
  • Neuroscientist, J. Douglas Crawford
  • Psychologists, James Alcock, Leslie S. Greenberg, Ian P. Howard, Debra Pepler & Ellen Bialystok
  • Historians, John Saywell, Christopher Innes, David F. Noble, Orest Subtelny, Jerome Ch’en & Susan Mann
  • Medievalist, Michael Herren
  • Economist, James G. MacKinnon
  • Political scientist, Isabella C. Bakker
  • Anthropologist, Philip Gulliver
  • Feminist media critic, Anita Sarkeesian
  • Journalist, Daniel Dale
  • TV talk show host, Cynthia Loyst
  • Newspaper publisher, Conrad Black
  • Former Canadian Member of Parliament, Lincoln Alexander
  • Current Canadian Member of Parliament, Jagmeet Singh

From Wikipedia

York University is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is Canada's third-largest university, and it has approximately 55,700 students, 7,000 faculty and staff, and over 325,000 alumni worldwide.Lassonde School of Engineering, Schulich School of Business, Osgoode Hall Law School, Glendon College, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design , and 28 research centres.

Source: Wikipedia

What is York University known for?

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Social Work
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Influential People

Who are York University's Most influential alumni?

York University 's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Law, Political Science, and Sociology

Isabel Hubard Escalera

Mexican mathematician

J. Moufawad-Paul

Canadian academic and writer

Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks

Canadian comedian

Greg Jenner

British historian

Trish Salah

Canadian writer

Irene Sankoff

Viviane Namaste

Canadian feminist professor

Shadya Yasin

Shadya Yasin

Somali social activist, poet, teacher

W. David Wilson

Canadian businessman

Boris Cherniak

Boris Cherniak

Canadian magician

Martin Schechter

HIV/AIDS researcher

Susan Eng

Canadian lawyer